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Airtel is one of the leading mobile services providers in the India. There are more than 15 crore people who have subscribed to the airtel services. The number of customers itself proves the competency of the company and the quality of services provided by the company. Not only mobile services, but the company also provides landline telephone services as well as the digital TV services. Through the landline connection one can access the internet and hence the company also provides broadband and internet services. It is one of the most advanced service providers in India.

Online facility of Bill Payment:

  • To make the airtel bill payment easy for its customers, the company has opted for various methods for making the bill payments like making airtel bill payment online or through the airtel bill payment centers, etc. Thus there are many ways by which one can make airtel bill payment.
  • The online airtel bill payment is quite easy.
  • A person simply needs to have access to the internet and have a credit or debit card for availing the facility of making the airtel bill payment online. Online airtel bill payment can be made by logging onto the airtel’s official website and going into the online airtel bill payment section and make the payment by following the instructions.
  • The debit or credit cards can be used to make the online airtel bill payment.
  • With this facility of making the airtel bill payment online, one does not have to go to the airtel bill payment centers to make the airtel bill payment.
  • For those who cannot avail the facility of online airtel bill payment, they can make the airtel bill payment through the various airtel bill payment centers.

Offline facility of Bill Payment:

  • There are several airtel bill payment centers in various cities.
  • People who cannot make the airtel bill payment online can visit these centers and make the airtel bill payment.
  • The process is simple and the billed amount has to be paid at the bill payment counter at any of the airtel bill payment centers and after receiving the receipt, the transaction is completed.

However, the option of making the airtel bill payment online is more convenient as one can make the payment easily sitting back at home and hence it is more preferred by the people.

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