Useful Information

Bill Junction:

  • Bill junction is an Indian online bill payment centre where one can pay any types of bill in different areas of the country.
  • Bill junction payment limited is formerly known as tech process solution limited. And is the India’s first electronic bill payment company.
  • Bill junction helps in paying different types of bills within minutes and offers a saved record for all the bills paid by you.
  • Bill junction payment status helps its customers to check the current status of the bill paid.
  • Bill junction payment limited works as the personal assistant for its users and provide free reminders and mails regarding the payment of the bill.
  • Bill junction payment gateway opens a wide range of options related to payment modes. Bill junction payment status provides an organised bill and offers up to date records with proper summary.
  • Bill junction payment gateway allows full control and flexibility to its customer.
  • Bill junction payment limited offers auto and manual pay options and save time and money.
  • In auto pay Bill junction mode one authorises the Bill junction payment gateway to make payment on your behalf whereas in manual pay, the customer pays the bill itself using different Bill junction services.
  • Bill junction payment status can be checked regularly and can even be saved for future use.   

Bill junction payment gateway and status:

  • Bill junction payment gateway provides total security to its users and helps them in maintaining a proper balance between their schedule and bill paying duties.
  • Each user is required to create its personalized account for getting regular Bill junction payment status messages.
  • All the bill payment instruction at Bill junction payment limited is processed through electronic clearing service of reserve bank of India.
  • Proper password protection is offered to the users of Bill junction with encrypted exchange of information.
  • Bill junction payment gateway is an authorised online service centre which is certified from VeriSign inc.

There are different helpline numbers available for different centres which can be taken from its website. One can also send emails at

For more information regarding Bill junction payment gateway and Bill junction payment status services, one can send emails at Bill junction payment limited is one of the best ways of making online bill payment with full security.

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