Introduction to cesc limited (kolkata)

Kolkata is a place that is well connected with regular sightseeing locations. From the period of 1897, cesc is a board that is established as first and premiere power consumption corporation that is name for its ability of generating and distributing services. If talking in context to electricity, the board has been recognized well for its services that can be spread far across in an area of 357 sq km. The electricity board is serving for entire area that lies in kolkata and howrah. Inclusion of all the areas i.e., industrial, domestic as well as commercial is combined with the electricity consumption board. There are in totality four thermal plants that access up to 1225 mw of power consumption. Through the process of transmission and distribution, it is possible for the company to spread the electricity throughout the areas in kolkata. Cesc is also making efforts in a progressive direction and is beginning to set up various power plants in whole o the country. Rpg, which is one of the leading business houses in india, is the one that has provided cesc its flagship to work in a positive direction.

Various options of cesc limited bill payment

Cesc has also make things happening to you in the sense of customer services. The main focus of the corporation board is to satisfy consumers in every possible manner. The process of online cesc limited bill payment is also an addition to it, it is well understood by everyone that paying the bill offline is a hectic task since it becomes a necessity to stand for long in queues in order to get your bill paid. The facility of cesc limited online bill payment is a real surprise for all those who are mostly working over internet and can’t find time from their busy schedule.

Procedure for cesc limited online bill payment

Understanding the process of cesc limited online bill payment is very important since it will allow you to make perfect payment. Below is mentioned to you complete procedure for making online payment:

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