Introduction to gujarat electricity board

Being the part of power resources, under the regulation of electricity act of 2003, gujart electricity board came in the name. The board is a part of central government and has received the approval. Soon after the regulation act 2003 was passed in favor of gujarat board, it has come as an advantage for people receive the electricity. The industry is aiming high to improve upon the working abilities as well as efficiency in the part of management. The vidyut board is working under the aforesaid provisions of the act. There are number of companies which are further incorporate under gujarat electricity board. Below are listed various companies:

  • Gujarat urja vikas nigam limited, which is the holding company
  • Gujarat state electricity corporation limited
  • Gujarat energy transmission corporation limited

There are various other electricity corporations that comprise an essential part of gujarat electricity board. The board has also made some reasonable and much affordable arrangements done for you in order to provide you an opportunity to pay your electricity bills via gujarat electricity board bill payment.

Various options of gujarat electricity board bill payment

One of the main features of gujara electricity board that attracts customers is its extreme facility of gujarat electricity board bill payment. It is very import5ant for you to have knowledge about details that will help you in getting your bill paid. Now, there is no need for you to wait for long in the queues for paying your electricity bill. Internet has made things really easy for you. Today you can easily pay your bills with various options that are listed over the official website. Since there are various corporations opf gujarat electricity board so it depends on you to decide under which company does your address lies and accordingly you can check on the same

Procedure for gujarat electricity board online bill payment

Paying bills have become very easy for you. Below is mentioned to you complete procedure that will assist you in gujarat electricity board online bill payment:

  1. You must visit to the associated gujarat electricity corporation official site which will link you options for online payment, for example- for dakshin gujarat corporation limited, you must visit http://www.dgvcl.com/.
  2. You must click on the option of online bill payment which will direct you to the link of Where you will have to put in your username as well as password.
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