IDBI Federal Life Insurance Premium payment is an option that is being offered by IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co. With this option, the customers can pay their premium payments online with number of option such as credit cards, debit cards, online transfer. These modes of payment are being used by people very much in the recent times, thanks to the advantages.

IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co is a joint venture between IDBI Bank, Federal Bank, Ageas. IDBI Bank and Federal Bank are Indian banks and Ageas is a multinational insurance company from Europe. IDBI holds a majority of stock in this joint venture which amounts to 48% and Federal Bank and Ageas possess 26% of stock in the venture.

IDBI Federal Life Insurance was established in the year 2008. This was one of the fastest growing insurance companies in India which received Rs. 100 crore premiums in the record time of 4-5 months. In just four years of establishment, the company has achieved premiums amounting to Rs. 19816 crores.

IDBI Federal Insurance offers insurance policies ranging from health insurance, home insurance, life insurance, loansurance, term insurance, wealthsurance, childsurance, bondsurance, etc. These are the broad categories of insurances that are available with IDBI Federal Life Insurance.

IDBI Federal Insurance Co products information is available on the official website. On this website all the details about various insurance products can be obtained. On the official website, not only the details about the insurance policies but also other details such as the premium required to pay for definite annuity amounts can be calculated. At the same time, online IDBI Federal Life Insurance Premium Payment option is also offered by IDBI Federal Life Insurance. With help of online IDBI Federal Life Insurance premium payment it is easy for the policy holders to track their policies and pay premiums. With the help of such online premium programs, customers can create automated reminders which can remind them about the next premium dates. With IDBI Federal Insurance premium payment online system, it is easy to make payments with credit cards, debit cards or online transfer.

IDBI Federal Insurance premium payment is very much advantageous to policy holders who have a very busy schedule and cannot go to the insurance office to make payments. Under such conditions, they can make the insurance premium payments using one of the methods available with the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Premium Payment.

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