Introduction to Indian Bank

It was during the period of British Raj when the act of Swadeshi Movement was in process, Indian bank emerged out. Till date the bank is recognized as one of the most indigenous banks that are established in India. It was August 15, 1907 when the bank was established.  V. Krishnaswamy Iyer who was a lawyer from Madras was the main link who is associated with the origin of bank. Later in 1932, it was a possibility for the bank to have its branches open in places outside India like Sri Lanka, Colombo as well as Rangoon. Finally in 1969, Indian Bank was successful in gaining the government appreciation. From the time of establishment, the bank has made a lot progress in opening 1642 branches all over India. The branches are combining to provide you with purposive workforce of 22,000 employees. The bank is also making best efforts in satisfying people through network services that are in compliance to satisfaction level of customers.

Credit card facilities of Indian Bank

Credit cards are a mandatory part for any common individual in day to day activities. Credit cards are often referred to as plastic money which solves the problem of people in terms of carrying out various activities that are associated with the same. Indian bank is privileged in making best efforts in satisfying the demands of customers. Indian Bank credit cards are providing customers with different types of cards that include:

  • Indian Bank Global Gold credit card
  • Indian Bank Global Classic card
  • Indian Bank Bharat Card

The best feature of these credit cards is its worldwide acceptance. With the help of these credit cards you can easily go through the process of indian bank credit card online payment.

Procedure of Indian bank credit card bill payment

When it comes to accessing indian bank credit card bill payment, you can either adopt offline method or you can also carry out indian bank credit card online payment. You can easily visit any retail store or outlet and by providing your credit card, you can easily make your payments done. Below is mentioned a proper procedure to you that will allow you to carry out your payments:

  1. You must visit the official website of Indian Bank or you can also visit directly to https://cardsecurity.enstage.com/acsweb/enrollweb/indianbank/main/index.jsp.
  2. You must register yourself for the internet payment option of Indian Bank.
  3. If registered, you can simply put in your card number along with the password that you have received.
  4. Once you are in, you can simply start making your payments.
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