• BSNL is the government operated company that offers not only telephone landline and mobile services but is now offering services of internet protocol television connections too.
  • It is the first type of internet protocol services being offered in India.
  • Being a government sector company, there are several lakhs of people who are connected with the BSNL in one way or the other.
  • People trust the company as it is not a private one and hence cannot do wrong to the people and get away with it.
  • Since so many people are linked with the BSNL, therefore the company has made several facilities for its customers for the BSNL bill payment.

BSNL bill payment

Off line bill payment:

  • The company offers facilities like making the BSNL bill payment online, or through the BSNL bill payment centers.
  • There are several BSNL bill payment centers in various cities all over the country for the people to make the BSNL bill payment.
  • It is quite easy to make the BSNL bill payment at these BSNL bill payment centers.
  • One simply needs to walk-in in any one of these BSNL bill payment centers (preferably the one in one’s area), and go to the BSNL bill payment counter and after making the bill payment, collect the receipt and it’s done. Nothing else is required to be done.
  • However to make BSNL bill payment at these BSNL bill payment centers, one does have to travel to these centres.

Online bill payment:

  • It is not so if one makes the bill payment through the online BSNL bill payment facility via the internet.
  • It is the most convenient and easy method for making bill payments. To make online BSNL bill payment, one only needs to have access to the internet and should have a credit or debit card for making payment.
  • By making the BSNL bill payment online, one can sit in the vicinity of his house among all the comforts and make payments easily without the need to travel to the centres. Thus the online BSNL bill payment facility is great.
  • A simple process needs to be followed for making online BSNL bill payment. To make BSNL bill payment online, one simply needs to log onto the website and click the option of BSNL bill payment online.
  • After filling in the details, when one is asked for the payment details, the simple card number is to be entered and the online BSNL bill payment is completed.

The facility of the BSNL bill payment online is very helpful to the customers.

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