Useful Information

LIC online payment:

  • LIC is referred to life insurance Corporation of India.
  • LIC provides different policies for the secure future of the human beings. One can secure their life using any of the policies provided by the company.
  • Different premiums are deposited according to the policy.
  • One can make LIC online payment and can pay the premium on time.

Various options for LIC online payment:

  • There are different LIC online payment options which can be used for fast and timely payment of monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly premiums.

Various facilities for online LIC Payment:

  • LIC online payment calculator facility is also provided along with LIC online payment options.
  • LIC online payment can be done by using different net banking accounts or credit card facility.
  • LIC online payment calculator helps in calculating the premium amount and time period left for the whole payment of policy.
  • LIC online payment options are also used by those who take LIC home loans. LIC online payment of loan helps in the timely deposition of instalments. One can also use LIC online payment calculator for calculating the left amount and time period.
  • This helps the customer in getting proper knowledge of the payment they need to arrange for completing their loan. 

Other facilities:

  • LIC online payment is one of the easiest and safest way of paying premiums and instalments.
  • LIC online payment options provide privacy policy to their customers for safe transfer of money.
  • One can create their personalised account and can use any of the master or visa cards for their payment.
  • LIC online payment calculator is user friendly software which can be used easily. One can provide the loan amount, time period and the interest rate and can calculate the left amount and time.
  • This LIC online payment calculator and various LIC online payment options have provided customers with door step services.
  • One can save their time and money and can make the LIC online payment anytime anywhere.
  • For more information regarding different online facilities one can visit
  • One can even find the customer care number of their area from this website.
  • All these services are provided free of cost and can be used without registering oneself again and again.

One can even find the customer care number of their area from this website

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