Introduction to punjab state electricity board

Established as a statutory body, punjab state electricity board was into origin on 1st february, 1959 produced under the regulation of electricity supply act of 1948. A major role is played by punjab re-organization act that stands for the state of punjab. The company started its functioning with a minimal capacity of 62 mw and slowly and gradually, the corporation grew about leaps and bounds in order to work in a positive direction. At current position, the electricity board is having the capacity of 6841 mw that is catering various associated resources that also includes some of the centralized projects that are undergoing. The maximum generation units on gross basis are about 38880 million units. Punjab state electricity board is also making certain amendments in terms of progress in generation of various power plants that also have its share invested in bbmb. The company has also till date made all amendments done for its generation and distribution system. It is because of this system that the company is catering to the basic requirements of people from all around punjab. The company is very proudly serving approximately 6.31 lakhs population in totality.

Various options of pseb bill payment

For the facilities of customers, punjab state electricity board has make arrangements done for the customer’s satisfaction. On visiting the official website of pseb, you are directed to various options that include viewing your bills along with payment of your bill option. It turns out to be your choice to make your pseb bill payment either offline or by pseb bill online payment method. Having proper information is always necessary because online payment is the best option and allows you to ignore the problems of standing in queues for long. It turns out really an opportunity to you to avail the facility that is very affordable to you. 

Procedure for pseb bill online payment

Below is mentioned to you perfect details about pseb bill online payment that will allow you to carry out payments in an appropriate manner:

  • Visit to the website of pseb which is http://www.psebindia.org/pseb/docs/online_bill.htm which will allow you to make your payments them and there.
  • You will find the option of ‘view your bill’ and ‘online payment’.
  • On clicking the option of online payment, you will be directed to the link of http://pspcl.com/epayment/ where you have to feed in some details pertaining to account number or your login id and password.
  • Finally, you can view your bill and play it respectively.
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