Introduction to west bengal state electricity board

The government of west bengal has made some appropriate settings confirmed for wbseb that has further been divided into two main entities namely, west bengal state electricity distribution company limited (wbsedcl) as well as west bengal state electricity transmission company limited (wbsetcl) that are comprised as essential parts of state government. The setup and start of functioning of these two companies began on 1st april, 2007. The total area that is catered by wbseb combines an area of 96 percent of whole of west bengal that counts in every almost every sector. The area counts in various divisions’ right from villages to industrial units. It serves a customer base that counts almost 84 lakh people. The overall network area comprises of 17 regional offices with 5 zones as well as 53 divisions of distribution centers. Till date, wbseb has received maximum earning profit of about 71.05 crores. There has been an introduction of new project namely purulia storage project that is based on hydel power under wbsedcl. Some other features of corporation include the customer service management that is build very strong by gaining customers acceptance.

Various options of wbseb bill payment

Paying your electricity bill may not be that tough task for the town people but consecutively for all those who live in remote areas or village localities, paying bills by visiting the district offices can be a tough task. With the online option, it has come up an easy thing for you to get your payment done through srie-sahaj- wbsedcl that has come as an executing option for paying your bills. The website of srie sahaj provides an opportunity to all the vle as well as stakeholders to make the best use of website in order to make wbseb online bill payment.

Procedure for wbseb online bill payment

Having incomplete information is always harmful, but having perfect knowledge about anything is always helpful. The option of wbseb online bill payment can be of great help to you since it allows you to make your payments done by sitting at home. Below is mentioned to you perfect procedure for making online payment:

  • Visit to the website of http://www.sahajcorporate.com/services-wbsedcl.php which will allow you wbseb bill payment.
  • You will have to provide your login id and password for proceeding for your payments.
  • After pressing login, you can move for payment.

Finally, you are done with the process of payment.

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